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Any Modeling Tool Integrated

Master your Digital Thread

Overcome siloed information to support your digital thread independent of tools.

Manage the full information depth of cyber-physical systems design and the digital twin.

All Big Names Integrated

Model to Model Integration: Cameo, Enterprise Architect, Innovator, MagicDraw, Matlab Simulink, Rhapsody and more.

Seamlessly trace from your tool of choice into any other modeling tool and consume diagrams or navigate the model tree in any work environment.

Requirements to Model Traceability

Convenient and powerful: Trace Requirements to Model: DOORS Next, DOORS, Jira, more to come.

Requirements in your Modeling Tool

View all requirements 1:1 integrated in your modeling tool, including rich-text formatting, images, tables and more.

Analyze Traceability Coverage

Perform various predefined analysis, such as impact analysis, requirements traceability and more.

Your Tools and IBM Jazz

Any Modeling Tool Integrated with IBM Jazz

Seamlessly integrate your modeling tool of choice with IBM Jazz: Aris, Cameo, Enterprise Architect, Innovator, MagicDraw, Matlab Simulink, Rhapsody and more.

Consume Diagrams in DOORS Next

View linked model elements and diagrams in DOORS Next, Engineering Test Management or Engineering Workflow Management.

Boost Design-Reuse with Global Configurations

Contribute your models to Jazz Global Configurations and make your modeling tool a first-class citizen of IBM Jazz.

Link Validity Fully Supported

Benefit from advanced mechanisms like link validity to handle changes across tool boundaries efficiently.

Instant Reports

Use the Smartfacts Analysis Center to instantly use predefined analysis and gain insights through traceability and impact analysis.

Colorized model maps provide deep insights into complex models and help to make better decisions faster.

Link Jira Issues and Jazz Artifacts

Bi-directionally link Jira issues and Jazz artifacts. Use global configurations to filter links.

Reference any Jazz Artifact from within any Jira text field, such as comments and descriptions.

Reference Jazz Artifacts from Confluence

Reference IBM Jazz artifacts for your confluence page. Changed Jazz content will be up to date instantly in Confluence.

Present whole DOORS Next modules on a Confluence page with rich-text formatting, images, and tables.